Royal Gardens

Giardini Reali di Torino

The Royal Gardens are located behind the Royal Palace situated in the area directly behind the palace terminating in Corso san Maurizio. They are accessed from piazza Castello, passing through the Palazzo Reale entrance.

When construction on them began they were situated on the extreme periphery of a Turin which Emanuele Filiberto wanted as the capital of his warlike duchy. They drew their inspiration from the largest palaces in Europe, which boasted elegant gardens, especially Tuscan style (the Medici villas are an example).

The gardens, which are due to be remodelled shortly, extend as far as the buttresses of the ancient boundary walls of the city and form the true connective fabric of the Polo Reale, being as they are the open connection between the various buildings that constitute it.
The remodelling project involves re-greening and restoring the fountains and statues and will restore to the city and its visitors a magnificent park rich in many species of vegetation, water features, flowers and fountains.


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