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Palazzo Chiablese Torino

It was….

The original foundation of the building dates to before the 15th century and it acts as a natural hinge between Piazzetta Reale and Piazza San Giovanni. Its ownership was transferred to Cardinal Maurizio di Savoia in 1642, and it became the seat of the offices of the Royal Court.
In 1753 King Carlo Emanuele III commissioned architect Benedetto Alfieri to refurbish the residence for his second son Benedetto Maria Maurizio, Duke of Chiablese: on this occasion, the façade was redesigned and the majestic staircase was built which leads to the noble floor, rich in furnishings, stuccos, wood panelling, mirrors and overdoors.
During the Napoleonic period the palace was home to the governor Camillo Borghese and his distinguished wife, Paolina Borghese. Having returned to the Savoy family with the Restoration, Margherita, the first Queen of Italy, was born there in 1851. Damaged by the bombings during World War II, it later became State property; today, completely restored, it is home to the Department for the Cultural and Landscape Heritage of Piedmont together with the offices of the various Superintendents.
Since September 2011 the partnership between the Department and the Touring Club of Italy has made it possible to pay regular visits to Palazzo Chiablese. In 2005, TCI started the initiative “Aperti per Voi” to encourage the opening of cultural sites (museums, archaeological areas, historical buildings, churches...) through the cooperation of the Volunteers for Cultural Heritage, with the aim of promoting and spreading knowledge of cultural assets by allowing visits to places which were usually closed to the public or open with very limited opening times. This project is currently running in 22 Italian cities with over 1,200 volunteers.

It will be…
The rooms of Palazzo Chiablese will house visitor services including the ticket office and the bookshop; the building will thus be the information and advisory centre for visitors. A magnificent cafeteria, situated in the Piazzetta Reale, offers visitors a break in an atmosphere of rare elegance.


Opening times and visits
Guided visits are free and are available on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday afternoons from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Group visits are possible, with a maximum of 25 people per group.

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